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Our interactions with art, especially process and concept, are often fleeting. In a world where what we see and experience is driven by want and immediacy, No Business Magazine encourages readers to slow down while exploring stories of artists and art-making.

Issue 1: Identity
Issue 2: Power Colors

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Issue 3: Presence Manifest

Presence Manifest
, the third issue of No Biz Mag, captures the processes and ideation behind bringing sculptural works to life. The issue engages artists and thinkers whose works manifest or highlight sculptural presence, either through a one- or multi-dimensional approach and layered conception. Presence Manifest will explore sculptural relationships with ecology, memory, language, movement, place-making, documentation, material and innovation. In this issue, we will also look at the creation of space and its im/permanence through the lens of gardening, spatial design, and furniture-making.

No Business Magazine is connecting with the following artists for conversations, interviews, and writings: Adrianus Kundert, Anders Hamilton, Angie Seykora, Anton Alvarez, Erin Smith, Gustav Hamilton, Inkpa Mani, Josh Johnson, Krista Clark, Letha Wilson, Maia Ruth Lee, Matthew Pevear, Melanie McLain, Amy Jarding, Marsha Mack, Jonathan Orozco, Hanna Thompson, Eli Show, Angela Zonunpari, and a few more folks.



Issue 2: Power Colors

Art-making embodies so much of an artist’s history, personality and aesthetic. And, as a viewer, we often project our experiences and understanding of things onto an artist’s work.

Power Colors is a tiny intersection of individual histories, perception, and manifestation of personalities. Our intention with the second issue of No Business Magazine is to present artists and works that push us to look beyond their surface value and survey how / why they find power within color.

This issue wouldn’t have been possible without our backers on Kickstarter and the artists in the issue sharing their time with us—we are eternally grateful! See our Kickstarter campaign here.

August 2020

Issue 1: Identity

Our first issue explores identity in various forms and concepts — how identity has formed art and art choices, how choices and art has impacted identity, or how an identity is formed and/or presented through concepts in art.

The people featured in Identity touch on very different things, from photographing a Burmese refugee community in Zomi Town aka Tulsa, a popular American sport influencing art practices, exploring identity as an outsider, looking at hybrid identity through art, how fan fiction manifests itself in art, to finding community within a subculture. 

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June 2019