Our interactions with art, especially the process and concept, have become fleeting. In a world where what we see is driven by “want” and “aesthetic ownership”, No Business Magazine explores the stories behind art-making and the artists. How can we take conversations beyond the business side of art, the event we attended, or the Instagram post we just liked and shared?

No Business Magazine wants to add longevity to these interactions and offer people something to ruminate on for a few extra minutes, hours, days. We want to visit spaces and topics that are often overlooked, or are only borne out of a discussion on “diverse/diversity” or non-traditional. How can we make interactions and “consumption” of art and culture more meaningful? How can we move away from art conversations starting with — “How much is that piece?”                                                   
No Business Magazine is a project by     

Angela Zonunpari
Hanna Peterson

With support from Amy Jarding and Eli Show.
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